Dancing Vampire

1 verse.

How warm
On sunny days
Butterflies fly
And in the distance are the birds
Squirrels are jumping
On the branches of a tree
But there is another world
Gloomy as night
And on cold nights
The guest is dancing
From the bloody ones
And hellish blood
Dark edges
With wings,
With fangs and claws
From eternal darkness!


Bloody Field !,
Decorated with blood
The victims of the killers
And the memory makes you laugh
Him and here he is
Hints with eyes
To your presence
Vampire! Dark !,
Bloody blood!

After the chorus

Dancing Vampire !,
Blood in a wave
Making the world
Takes the lives of people
And a bloody fight around
Spreads rot
And pus on the earth
During the battle !,
With the night! Winged !,
Enemies from the darkness!

2 After the Chorus

Bloody guest !,
Flies every night
Steals children
And in general people
And you can’t sleep peacefully
Because of the vampire
Dancing with you
And with children and people
Around your house !,
Dancing Blood Parade!

3 After the Chorus 4 times

Dancing vampire
God of earthly blood
Among us on Earth !,
Wake up!

2 verse.

In the room,
The light is on,
Weigh onions
For shooting
Scaring away the beast
Which breaks in
At the door of your house
Bad dream
And your life
Will be finished now
Beware of him
The master’s eye
Beyond the blood of the earth!

Chorus and so on 2 times.

3 verse.

Dances and shmantse,
At the dark ball
Bloody nights
Occur in the days
When it's dark
And not visible
Almost nothing,
This is the world of the lord
With a scary look
Because of the darkness
Do not cross the threshold
Don't go in there
Where you don't know
Who and what awaits you
When you find out
You get to the end
Beast Tunnel Caves!

2 times Chorus and so on.

4 verse.

Lord of fire
And blood
It weighs upside down
Where sees
Crazy world,
Inside you and you
And in the world
Stars go and fly
The truth of life
The forces of being
That you want
Gain and not lose
Never and forever live
The vampire! Angel of darkness !,
And dance on fire !,
With the darkness! In the ball of fire !,

2 times Chorus and so on.

5 verse.

Have fun dancing
On the dance floor
Anywhere soul
And the lord of fire
Lord blood
And will fly
And take your strength
Great fear of nights !,
In the dark world !,
In your room !,
In the dark nights !,
Your fear will appear !,
Take your life!
And will never return !,
To the life of you!

2 times Chorus and so on.

6 verse.

Afraid of the light
All evil
And why?!,
Tell me
Our enemies
Is the light stronger
Than not vital
Evil in the world
Like trees
All over the world
Like the lord of fire
And all the blood land !,
Lord of the bloody nights!

2 times Chorus and so on.

7 verse.

Sometimes I want
Peace from the guest
From the dark world
With fangs and tail
Great creature
Dark depths
Lord of the blood
And all the lives
Sweep the ancient enemy
Tormenting people on earth
He takes power
Of all the people,
And haunts
Vampire of the Dark Depths !,
Where is he dancing forever !,
Over your fire!

2 times Chorus and so on.

8 verse.

But we will win
Our fear of nights
And no one else
Don't scare so much
Cause the good is stronger
Than the living creature,
There's a million years in the cave
Keeping your eyes
Living in the depths
Of our being
Our bloodsucker
In a cave of darkness
Where is hidden
Dancing fire
Laughs and laughs there
Upon you!,
Dancing! The angel of Darkness!,
And death! God of blood and mysticism !,
Around! What is dancing !,
Vampire! Dancing !,
In the fire and in the darkness !,
In the bloody world of being!

4 times Chorus and so on.