May 9 Victory Day!


Happy Victory Day Russia,
And the whole world !,
We celebrate the victory
Over the evil enemy
Great Soviet Union,
Defeated the enemies who came
From distant lands!

After the chorus

The Second World War,
The Great Patriotic War,
Where did the people die
To fight evil
Coming from distant lands!

2 After the Chorus

Remember the victims
And for this great victories,
But war heroes
Which are no more
But not forgotten! Never!,
They are in our memory and soul!

3 After the Chorus 4 times

Happy Victory Day !,
May 9th !,
With the end of the war !,
The victory of good over evil!

1 verse.

I remember the days
When the grass grew
But the sounds and the noise
In the distance drowns
And I do not hear
A life that boils
Around and singing
But it burned to the ground
Like life
Mine faded because of the war
Thank God! This is all over!

Chorus and so on.

2 verse.

Field field
On which the flowers
Like the souls of men
Who fell in battle
And we light the lights
In memory of the war heroes,
And innocent people
Gone forever
But it's all gone !,
Hooray! Happy Victory Day over evil!

Chorus and so on.

3 verse.

Thoughts about us
Bad thoughts,
And my words
They pray for peace
I wanted peace
We were hiding from the enemy
Who threatened us
And we lost
Almost won
If not for hope,
Sent by God from Heaven !,
The victory is behind us!
And our light of heaven conquered!

Chorus and so on.

4 verse.

Bombs and explosions
During the war,
Killing everyone around
But wars and veterans,
Fought and fought
With the enemy to the end
Our war heroes
Flying cranes
They became
Announcing a victory
Over the general
World evil!

Chorus and so on.

5 verse.

Hitler is evil
Stalin is good
But also help,
Our Zhukov,
The great leader of war
Fought back the enemy
Not afraid
Outwitted and deceived
With the help of the mind I won
The enemy from the German side
What went a bunch of warrior
They are left behind
But victory is with us people!
The mighty wars of good and light !,
Wars come from heaven!

Chorus and so on.

6 verse.

Faith and Hope
Two Spartans
Two friends,
And the mighty Aryans,
And our prayer
Our Mother of God
I was able to drive away evil
Which went by the wall
It destroys everything and everywhere
On his way,
And the miracle won
Terrible evil
Thank you all good!
For the victory over evil !,
And we are calm !,
We defeated evil! Hooray!

Chorus and so on.

7 verse.

Do not give up,
When evil breaks
To you through the fence
At your gate
To the common doors
Do not interfere with evil
But give good to him
Great and worthy rebuff
And our light is our good
Great times
Evil conquered!
We defeated the evil of time!

Chorus and so on.

8 verse.

Times of war
There is no peace of mind
And one crack
In our shared souls
And hearts
We lost our loved ones
That always smiled at us
Forever, but the war took them
But the end to her
After all, we defeated evil! Forever and ever!

Chorus and so on.

Verse 9

Happy Victory Day Peace !,
For brothers and sisters !,
For god and good !,
Against evil and war
We remember people
And the heroes of bygone days
What is there
And didn’t return from the war,
Where alone spilled
World blood
Total creation of the world,
Which fell in the war
We defeated evil
The time of evil has passed
But it will never be forgotten
Scary though
Remember it all
But Glory to the Heroes of War !,
Happy Victory Day to you all !,
The World Without War!
Remember Heroes and Victims of War !,
We honor the memory of the Great Heroes of War !,
Since May 9! Happy Victory Day The World!

4 times Chorus and so on.