Doom Fire

1 verse.

We are sitting at home
And one silence
Breathes around
Heat at the stove
And it's hot inside
What a rock
Still was
Once upon a time in this valley
In the valley of the fiery winds
Who lit the whole world!

2 times Chorus

The heat around !,
Oh how hot it is to me !,
And the asset of fire !,
What a stream of beam !,
Belching out of guitars !,
In the valley of fire winds!

After the chorus

Doom Fire !,
Walking around
With my game
Don't be a stone
Go ahead light
The world is a flame of the soul!

2 After the Chorus 4 times

Rock of Fire !,
Eternal stream of fire !,

2 verse.

Rock concert
Going all over the world
But one fire
Soon fading away
Oh, No!,
Come back to us
It's so cool
And have fun together
Play fire rock !,
In the hall of fiery winds !,
On the stage of the great fire !,
Coming from the inside !,
Stoking the whole world!

2 times Chorus and so on.

3 verse.

Our Earth is on fire
Eternal flame
Love and life
Where fire and heat
And life is seething
A boil of lava
What goes the river
Like the legs of evil
Walking by fire
Take over the world !,
Fire and sunset
And beams of light
Burning souls !,
A stream of fiery winds!

2 times Chorus and so on.

4 verse.

Ring of fire
Mondor’s ring,
From the hell at the bottom
From the heart of the nucleus
Where did life begin
Warm everyone with fire
And don't forget
What warms us
And how hot it is on stage
And we play in the world of fire !,
My favorite genre of fire !,
In my heart!

2 times Chorus and so on.

5 verse.

Arrows of fire
Flying burning everything
What lived in the city
Where is eternal life
It boils nice
And calm in my soul
But a cool fire
Quickly destroyed
But this is the blood of the Earth,
That feels everything
And the pain inside of me
Launching and gushing
Blood of fire and eternal
The hole of fiery hearts!

2 times Chorus and so on.

6 verse.

And on the other hand,
You sing and play
And like arrows of fire
Words are heard
And with a hot fire
With a pleasant flame
And with warmth
Sung by a singer
The man on the stage
Where lights play skillfully
Singing about our life
And fire comes out!
My soul !,
What a jet !,
Burning the whole world !,
Lava !,
Eternal lava from the mountain !,
Wave! Fiery soul!

4 times Chorus and so on.